I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the lungs in 1986.Wilst taking cortisones daily, I still had a continuous cough. Persisting for 20 years until I went for Cranio Sacral Therapy to Shahnaaz. After a month of weekly treatments my cough subsided. I continued with 2 treatments per month and my cough stopped completely. I now have cranio treatments once a month without fail. My cough has since not come back. I still attend hospital for check-ups. And the result…the sarcoid is under control! Cranio Sacral Therapy has made a major difference to my life. I can now live my life to the fullest. Mymoena Adams

My son is 30months old and suffers with cerebellar dysplasia. Since therapy he has accomplished so much in only a few weeks. The Cranio Sacral treatment has helped him with his nervous system. He had a breakthrough and started walking on his own. He now walks and climbs without fear. He can now do other things he did not do before too. I am so thankful for this treatment! K. Colbie

My name is Rashieda. I have Scoliosis. My neck and chest muscles have always been extremely tight. I could hardly turn my head to the left. Immediately after my first session of Craio my muscles and nerves in the area relaxed. The tightness disappeared as well as the cough I had. I make sure to have treatments scheduled for at least once a month. I now breathe better and my neck pain is something of the past. Thanks Shahnaaz! Lots of love. Rashieda

“Living with Fibromyalgia at the age of 33 is chaos and debilitating especially if you defy to take drugs like anti-depressants and pain killers. I was in pain 24/7 for almost two years now with no real positive outlook on my day to day life. There can be no planning a weekend away or even knowing what tomorrow will bring. I’ve experienced my fourth treatment of Cranio Sacral Therapy during May 2011 and I’m in no pain at all! My body is responding very well to this treatment. All those buried emotional triggers being released and I am just so thankful! Being sceptical at first but just holding onto my beliefs that my body can heal itself added so much affirmation to my healing journey during my CST. I’m taking my supplements, a touch of compassion and a doze of gratitude every day. CST has changed my outlook for the better. Thank you Shahnaaz for being so dedicated and adding your special touch to this much needed world of ill health. I’ve also done the Iridology and the feedback I got from Shahnaaz was unbelievable! Things only I knew about myself was revealed to me and that was freakishly awesome. My only wish is for more people to find their way to these wonderful therapies.

Love & Light.


I started craniosacral therapy as I found it extremely helpful in maintaining a stable level of neuro-activity. This was essential for my well-being as I am a mother who needs to keep up with the pace of my 3 year old son.

After giving birth in 2008 I started experiencing seizures that I had no idea about its causes or what remedies I would pursue. After many consultations with neurologists and doctors all the results indicated that it was either due to some medication or mishap. Scans upon scan were done to assess and no abnormality was found.

Eventually we were referred to a craniosacral therapist would put things into perspective and for two years I was seizure free. My therapist then had to move abroad with the advice to continue therapy with another therapist. I had left if for some time assuming that everything was well.

However, I later discovered that stressful situations created a breeding environment for the seizures to re-occur. It was then that I started looking for another therapist that would assist. A friend suggested I go to Shanaaz Osman who was a qualified craniosacral therapist with the experience and knowledge of other medical disciplines as well.

Although I have experienced seizures, the continuous care and support that I have been getting from Shanaaz in the form of medication and knowledge has helped me control stressful situations and minimize seizures. With natural medication I have the confidence that there are no side effects. I also find her approach to be holistic which empowers me since I have a better understanding of how to move forward and tackle the hurdles that lie ahead. The support and care iv received from Shanaaz is just unbelievable always checking up on me and finding the best medications an treatments for me! Cranial therapy really helped calm my mind body and soul!! After trying many doctors n treatments Shanaaz and the cranial therapy she offers worked for me and stood out in comparison to others !

Firzana Dawood

Cranio-sacral therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy has helped me and my baby in many ways. During the last stages of my pregnancy, the cranio-sacral therapist, Shahnaaz Osman, helped to relieve the backache and tension I was experiencing at that time by gently holding my pelvis and spine. The therapy also helped me to relax and prepared me for labour day. She was also able to indicate to me when I started dilating. I attended one session with Shahnaaz post birth where therapy helped the healing process after labour.

When my son was born, the cranio-therapist came to see him the day after he was born and started therapy in hospital. Again, through gentle hand-holding, she worked on his head and spine, which he quite enjoyed! The purpose of the therapy was to ensure that his spine was aligned and that his head and face was symmetrical (looking at the ears and eyes) post birth. She also examined his palate. I found the cranio-therapy to be especially helpful with the colic, and ear infections that he was troubled with at that time (younger than 3 months). All therapy was done according to my son’s pace, with breaks in the session for breastfeeding or to console him. The head-holding sometimes took place while he breastfed. We see Shahnaaz on a regular basis, generally every 6 weeks. He usually has quite a sleep after therapy!

I would definitely recommend cranio-therapy for all babies, especially to help with the challenges of colic.

I met Shahnaaz at Radio 786 Health Fair in 2007 where she exhibited. I was immediately taken with a gentle and caring nature and consulted with her soon after. I am still seeing her years later … Shahnaaz goes out on a limb to help you in all spheres of your life. She is a gem, a true healer and made a difference in my life! Gamieda

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