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Iridology is a diagnostic, non-invasive tool which provides us with an overview of the individual constitution of the patient as well as their genetic inherited constitution.
The iris has landmark signs which identify weaknesses in the body systems of the individual.

The iris structure, colour and neurological changes are reflected in the iris, due to the fact that the iris is directly connected to the brain via the nervous system. Making it possible for the practitioner to interpret weaknesses in organ systems, inflammation and poor waste elimination The eye is like a fingerprint; unique to each individual it serves as a blueprint of our inherited physical state.
Iris analysis does not reflect disease, but the practitioner can recognize physiological changes or weaknesses well before manifestation of disease.

Iridology indicates the patient’s genetically weaker or stronger areas as well as the genetic susceptibility of the individual. It plays an important part in prevention and treatment of disease as well as maintaining a good state of health.